Therapeutic Focus

ImQuest Life Sciences will become a leader in the
development of exciting new drugs for unmet medical
needs throughout the world.

Infectious Disease

Using state of the art and established in vitro models, ImQuest rapidly identifies therapeutic agents with the potential to inhibit the replication of infectious agents. Cell-based and biochemical assays are designed to define the precise mode of action of the test agent and to compare the activity of novel molecules to existing approved therapeutics. A wide variety of secondary assays are utilized to determine the test agent’s range of action. Combination therapy, as well as drug resistant virus selection and characterization, is performed to confirm the clinical potential of the agent.

HIV and Immunodeficiency Viruses

Hepatitis Viruses

Respiratory Viruses

Herpes & Enteric Viruses

Microbial Pathogens

Topical Microbicide Development