Product Pipeline

ImQuest Life Sciences will become a leader in the
development of exciting new drugs for unmet medical
needs throughout the world.

ImQuest Life Sciences Product Pipeline

ImQuest Life Sciences's will maintain a strong and diverse pipeline of compounds for development in the areas of infectious disease and cancer. Through it's partnership with ImQuest BioSciences (, a service provider with a continuous source of new experimental drugs with significant therapeutic potential, new products with demonstrated value will be added to the development pipeline on an ongoing basis. ImQuest Life Sciences is currently developing novel new agents for HIV and hepatitis B, evaluating potential new drugs in the areas of hepatitis C and influenza, actively progressing topical microbicides towards the clinic and developing novel anti-cancer agents.

Our Focus

ImQuest Life Sciences is currently focusing on the following drug development programs, through the formation of alliances and partnerships as well as through exclusive world wide licensing:

Therapies for the treatment of HIV

Topical microbicides for the prevention of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

Therapies for the treatment of HBV and HCV

Therapies for the treatment of cancer