Drug Partners

ImQuest Life Sciences will become a leader in the
development of exciting new drugs for unmet medical
needs throughout the world.

ImQuest Life Sciences Drug Partners

Our Strategy

ImQuest Life Sciences has found and will continue to find new strategic drug development alliances with individuals, academic institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies which possess novel drug development strategies and technology that will facilitate the development of new drugs for the treatment of infectious disease, cancer and inflammation. Our portfolio development strategy has been facilitated by our alliance with ImQuest BioSciences, an independent provider of critical drug development and consultative services to the pharmaceutical industry, in light of their deep and broad experience with the development of therapeutic agents for human disease. In addition to developing our own proprietary technologies, ImQuest Life Sciences will provide a much needed vehicle for the clients of ImQuest BioSciences to add significant value to their portfolio through the performance of ImQuest-sponsored advanced preclinical pharmacology and toxicology and Phase 1 and 2 human clinical trials. In this way, ImQuest Life Sciences will assist in the provision of the all-important proof of concept studies for novel first in class agents and these studies will be performed by an experienced team of investigators.

Our Focus

ImQuest Life Sciences is currently focusing on the following drug development programs, through the formation of alliances and partnerships as well as through exclusive world wide licensing:

Therapies for the treatment of HIV

Topical microbicides for the prevention of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

Therapies for the treatment of HBV and HCV

Therapies for the treatment of cancer